Important Dates

January 1st
Property is assessed as to its condition and ownership as of this date.

April 1st
All businesses must file their Personal Property Self-Reporting form (LAT 5) by this date.

August 15th - September 15th
Tax roll is open for public inspection. State law requires that the assessor must have the tax roll available for public inspection for 15 days during this 30 day period. Notice of this inspection period is advertised in the official journal of Tangipahoa Parish Government each year. Every parish in the State of Louisiana must have tax roll open during this 30 day period.

November 15th
The parish tax roll must be filed and certified by the Louisiana Tax Commission. Once the tax roll has been certified by the Louisiana Tax Commission, all changes made to any assessment record requires approval of the Tax Commission. The parish tax collector (Sheriff's Office) cannot adjust any tax account without tax commission approval.

December 31st
Property taxes are due and payable by this date. Only the parish tax collector, the Sheriff's Office, can grant an extension of time to pay.

Property taxes that are due at the end of the year are for the year just ending. For example: Taxes paid on December 15, 2012 are taxes for the year 2012, not 2013.