Homestead Exemption

Presently, the Louisiana Constitution allows for a homestead exemption of $75,000. Homestead Exemption negates the parish property taxes due on the first $75,000 of market value or $7,500 of assessed value. This exemption does not apply to taxes levied by any of the eight cities, towns, or villages located in Tangipahoa Parish.

To qualify for Homestead Exemption, the property in Tangipahoa Parish must be your primary residence and must be in your name.

Also, for property owned by a veteran with a service connected disability rating of 100% by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, an additional $75,000 of market value will be homestead exempt.

Tangipahoa Parish has a permanent homestead exemption registration. Once you apply for Homestead, you do not need to re-apply each year. If you sell your homestead property, then you must re-apply when you purchase another home. However, if you are a disabled veteran who is already receiving homestead exemption, you must re-apply in order to receive the additional homestead exemption.

Homestead Exemption is granted by the State Constitution and can only be changed by an act of the legislature. Any changes made by the legislature must be approved by 50% of the registered voters in the state of Louisiana.